Loofah Scrubs – 4.0 oz


All of our loofah scrubs contain one whole piece of natural loofah. Loofah is quite abrasive and although it can be used on the entire body, it is perfect for scrubbing knees, elbows and heels. Due to the abrasive nature of the loofah, it is NOT recommended for use on the face or other sensitive areas. Once the soap is finished, save your loofah for use with your other favorite soaps!

  • Loofah scrubs are available in four colors/scents
  • Purple: Island Escape Fragrance oil
  • Blue: Celestial Waters Fragrance oil
  • Green: Spearmint Essential oil
  • Black: Palmarosa Essential oil
  • Orange: Orange Valencia Essential oil
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  • Always handcrafted with our high quality ingredients

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