In early 2015, my 14-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Trichotillomania, an anxiety disorder which had been causing her to pull out her eyebrows and eyelashes.  In February, while on vacation in Florida, we had attended an Arts and Crafts festival in Delray Beach, and she was fascinated with the handcrafted soap booths at the fair. Since I was a former elementary school teacher and had a crafts background, I thought soapmaking could be a fun and therapeutic activity for us to do together.  We did some research, purchased the necessary supplies and a few weeks later made our first batch of soap … needless to say, we were hooked! What began as a fun mommy/daughter project turned into a full-fledged business. We named our small company “PeaceLoveSoap” and immediately began selling our handcrafted products at local farmers markets, street fairs and holiday boutiques. We are now entering our ninth year in the soap business!

In 2018, as our business continued to expand regionally and nationally, we rebranded the company as The Copper Faucet Soap Company®. In addition to selling at multiple local farmers markets, street fairs, holiday boutiques and fundraisers, we also provide custom orders for birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers and weddings. We have also expanded our product line to include an aromatherapy line of products including hand poured soy candles, reed diffusers and room & linen mists and bath bombs, bath salts, shower steamers, shave soap, beard balm, beard oil, body butters, lotion bars and sugar scrubs. All items are handcrafted in small batches. We pride ourselves on offering all natural soap bars as well as a few fun and whimsical ones for the entire family to enjoy!

Following a very successful 2019 and 2020, we were excited to move into a new production studio in Larchmont, NY to meet with the burgeoning demand on the wholesale side and in our local farmers markets.  In August of 2023, as we continue our rapid growth, we moved to a larger production space in White Plains, NY.

Our website includes our year-round “favorites” – and a blend of seasonal items. If you are local, feel free to find us at one of the events in our area. We are also happy to provide our wholesale customers with white labeling, special orders and reduced shipping rates – just let us know what you are looking for!

Thank you for visiting our website and for supporting our handcrafted soap company!

All of our cold process soap is made by hand in small batches in our production studio in White Plains, NY. Our custom formulated cold process soaps are made with the highest quality ingredients, including olive oil (which is locally sourced from The Twisted Branch in Valhalla, NY), coconut oil, shea butter, and avocado oil as their primary ingredients. Several of our soaps also include added hemp seed oil. 

We do not “superbatch” our oils…we literally measure out one batch at a time, mix with our lye water solution, add colorants and scents, and pour into 5 pound molds.  All by hand…no heavy equipment involved!  After a few days, the loaves are unmolded, cut by hand, and set on racks to cure for six weeks before they are ready to sell to the public.

Our cold process soap bars are palm free, detergent free, paraben free and preservative free.  Our soaps also contain glycerin (which is created during the natural soapmaking process).  Glycerin is a humectant that draws moisture from the air and creates a moisturizing, protective layer on your skin. Most commercial soap companies actually remove glycerin from their products, which is why many people find commercial soaps so drying.  You can literally feel the difference when you switch to cold process soap!

 We offer a line of all natural cold process soaps made with essential oils and and enhanced with natural skin loving ingredients including activated charcoal, rose clay, Brazilian clay and indigo powder as well as some fun and whimsical soaps made with high quality fragrance oils and colored with responsibly sourced, vegan and cruelty free micas.  We also offer two bars made with added hemp seed oil (shhh…don’t tell the others, but the Luxury Bar is my personal favorite!), a goat milk bar, and two bars that are fragrance free.  With the exception of our goat milk bar, all of our cold process soap bars are vegan.

When we formulated our cold process soap recipe, we did A LOT of research regarding palm oil and the benefits of using it in cold process soap.  Truth be told, it is an amazing ingredient in soap and adds a lot of benefits – it creates a hard bar, is inexpensive, adds a stable, creamy lather and contains vitamins A and E.  However, there are many downsides to using palm oil, especially when it comes to deforestation and loss of animal habitat.  There are some companies that claim to source RSPO certified palm oil, but since there is still so much controversy, we were just not comfortable, and made the decision to omit palm oil in our recipe.  The response by our customers has been extremely positive and we are happy that we can provide a product that people can feel good about using!

Without getting into a whole lesson on cold process soapmaking, all oils are not created equal, so you can’t just pull out one oil and replace it with another and expect the same bar of soap!  Trying to find the right balance of oils and butters to create a bar of soap that was hard, bubbly, moisturizing, cleansing AND creamy was challenging (my standards are HIGH!).  But after many test batches, we finally nailed it…and based on our sales, we think our customers agree too.

We love partnering with local businesses and incorporating their products into our handmade soaps!  Our proprietary soap recipe includes olive oil as the primary ingredient, which we source from The Twisted Branch, an olive oil and vinegar taproom in Valhalla, NY.  We source our dried fruits and botanicals from The Cocktail Garnish Co, located in White Plains, NY, coffee from Cano Coffee located in Queens, NY, and beer from Wolf and Warrior Brewing Company in White Plains, NY.  Have something you want us to add to our soap?  Let us know!

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